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    Once a district begins using Peachjar, they begin sending their own internal flyers home to parents digitally. 

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    What's Peachjar?

    Peachjar partners with school districts to help keep parents more informed about important school updates and community resources.

    What's Peachjar?

    How Peachjar Works

    Once your child's school district begins using Peachjar, you will receive a welcome email and begin receiving digital flyers via email.

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    Imagine a future where each generation is happier and better off than the last. Keeping parents informed is the key to making this happen. Students are in the classroom only 1,000 out of 5,000 waking hours each year. Parents need help from their school and community to fill the remaining 4,000 hours with activities that help their child reach their full potential.


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    How three school districts collectively save over six million dollars and 100,000 labor hours annually

    Executive Summary

    As costs for schools continue to rise year over year, at the same time in many states, state funding continues to get pulled from schools. As a result, school districts must find innovative ways to cut costs without impacting critical resources and programs. This whitepaper shares how three school districts ended the burden and costs associated with paper flyer distribution and realized a collective annual cost saving that exceeds $6 million.


    Arlington Public Schools - Arlington, VA

    When Jennifer Harris, Director of Communications at Arlington Public Schools, discovered Peachjar, “I just thought it was a brilliant way to cut costs and be more efficient.” Arlington Public Schools, having implemented Peachjar, is now saving over $2 million annually in combined hard and soft costs since they no longer have the burden of processing paper flyers.

    Arlington Public Schools is now also able to save 3,991,654 sheets of paper on average per year. As a result, Arlington Public Schools winds up saving 479 trees per month as a district, not to mention a whole lot of paper processing. The labor no longer required for collating and distributing these flyers provides meaningful time and cost savings for the district, as well, with over 1,500 teachers no longer having to distribute flyers on a weekly basis to their students. “People continuously complained about the process of delivering flyers, even the program providers. Peachjar is a huge win for our district,” says Harris.



    Labor hours saved annually

    Cost savings annually


    Tacoma Public Schools - Tacoma, WA

    Susan Anderson, Administrative Secretary for the Public Information of Tacoma Public Schools, notes that “Peachjar is a convenient way for parents to stay informed about school events, receive newsletters and to learn about afterschool activities and enrichment opportunities year-round.” In addition, Peachjar has also helped Tacoma Public Schools save 334,907 pieces of paper a month from being printed, collated, and sent through Tacoma’s 56 schools.

    The importance of ensuring maximum teaching time was similarly top of mind when Peachjar was implemented. Says Dan Voelpel, Executive Director of Communications of Tacoma Public Schools, “We have made it our mission to find ways to increase teacher time. We now know that flyers get to our parents electronically without taking any class instruction time away from teachers.”





    Labor hours saved annually


    Cost savings annually


    Wentzville R-IV School District - St. Louis, MO

    Wentzville School District in St Louis, Missouri, has been using Peachjar since 2014. Before Peachjar, with over 16,000 students, flyer delivery was burdensome both to the district’s community partners and to the schools.

    Mary K. LaPak, Director of Community Relations at Wentzville, says, “Introducing Peachjar in 2014 has saved our department a tremendous amount of time and productivity. We used to have people walk in with flyers for approval, or send us flyers and it would take multiple emails to coordinate authorization and distribution. Peachjar has eliminated all of that and now we simply view and click for approval.

    Our community groups have fully embraced using Peachjar as a cost-effective way to reach hundreds of parents at once. We also love that flyers automatically post to our school sites, which is a great feature for busy parents who may miss an email. We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency in the WSD and to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, so moving to Peachjar was a slam-dunk for our District and our community.”



    Labor hours saved annually


    Cost savings annually


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