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Make Sure Your Child
Has Every Opportunity!

Millions of parents trust Peachjar to deliver information to them about engaging and productive programs for their children. These programs can actually improve the
trajectory of a child's life!

Don't believe us? See the proof! Ensure you don't miss out on amazing opportunities for your child, like SAT prep resources, foreign exchange programs, and 529 college savings plans!

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Benefits of Using Peachjar

Flyers come direct to your inbox- no more hoping they come home in a backpack!

One click in email to 'Sign Up' for
programs & events

Programs sent via Peachjar help build
lifelong skills!

Share program flyers via social media so
your child's friends can participate!

How It Works

Peachjar is simple and fun to use- you'll know your school is using Peachjar when you start to receive emails from us with flyers in them!

For those whose school uses Peachjar, you never have to log in! But you can to manage your account preferences.

Login information is sent to you when your school starts using Peachjar.

You will regularly receive emails with the latest flyers.
They can also be viewed on the homepage of your school's website. Simply look for the Peachjar logo!

If your school is using Peachjar, but you aren't
receiving emails, create an account.

If your school is not using Peachjar, sign up to be
notified when Peachjar is coming to your school.

* All flyers are subject to district/school approval.

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